Thursday, January 16, 2020

Amazon Passes On The Dark Tower TV Series

It has been nearly a year since heard any news on the TV/movie front for The Dark Tower. Sadly when finally do, it is not good but instead likely the final nail in the live action adaptation coffin. Amazon has officially passed on The Dark Tower pilot. Executive producer Glen Mazzara is still shopping the show around with 2 possible scripts. The show will not be that cheap to produce so its really only Amazon or Netflix. Amazon just passed, Netflix is going to refuse any Amazon cast offs. None of the second or third tier cable channels can afford it. As for other streaming services, Hulu, HBO Go, Peacock, CBS All Access, etc are all out for similar reasons - if they don't own the intellectual property (IP) they are not inclined to move forward with it. Between the failed 2017 film and this bit if news, it is safe to assume that the adaptation of The Dark Tower series is dead for the foreseeable future.

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