Friday, May 20, 2016

First Look at The Dark Tower's Gunslinger

In a behind the scenes picture, we now have our first look at Idris Elba in his Roland Deschain costume on the set of The Dark Tower that is currently filming. Much like as suggested by the books, he is dressed in the classic cowboy style.

Stephen Kings Reveals New Hook to The Dark Tower

Spoiler warning for the end of The Dark Tower books and the movie. In a single tweet, long time fans of The Dark Tower books suddenly had complete understanding of why it appears the upcoming movie doesn't follow the books and why. From the various casting decisions made, it appears that very little of the first Dark Tower film is going to follow the books in a familiar way. Characters and some situations may echo the books but already its clear that the movie is a kind of "inspired by" take. A take that Stephen King has supported. To start, a little background (spoiler warning). The AV Club summarizes it best "The Dark Tower saga centers around a guy named Roland who is on a quest to reach the eponymous tower and stop a villain called the Crimson King from using it to destroy all of reality. When he gets there, he’s supposed to triumphantly blow the Horn Of Eld, an object that has been passed down through his family for generations. However, when the reader meets Roland in the first book, he has long since lost the horn. Therefore, he’s unable to blow it when he reaches the Dark Tower, so when he tries to finally finish his seven-book adventure by entering the room at the top, he—last warning—gets sucked back into the very beginning of the first book and loses all of his memories. ...Tellingly, though, Roland has the horn when he starts his quest anew, suggesting that his next attempt will really be his last." From this, now this tweet has new meaning: In short, the books are Roland Deschain's first attempt to reach The Dark Tower and save reality. The movie (and hoped for sequels) will be Roland's second and final attempt.