Thursday, July 3, 2014

Concept Art from The Dark Tower Movie

A little over a year later and out of nowhere we have a bit of Dark Tower news. While the movie remains hopefully but currently dead that has not stopped concept artist Gregory Hill from posting some of his work created for the film along with a video of a version of Tull. Sadly the fact he artist was able to release this work, something normally held back until a film is released in theaters, indicates that at least this version of the film is dead. Of note is it seems that Susannah was not going to be confined to a wheelchair, something that doesn't surprise me considering the complications it would bring to making a movie and TV series. Features like that, be it requiring make-up or visual effects adds a whole lot to the cost of production and considering the cost of the films is one of the major reasons it has yet to be made, anything helps. Besides there is little about her character arc that couldn't be told without a wheelchair. The full gallery and videos can be found here. Thanks to Ghola for the link.