Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ron Howard Comments on The Dark Tower

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, The Dark Tower executive producer Ron Howard very briefly talks the film. He reiterates the progress made about the budget and story but doesn't talk about the rumor of a possible deal with HBO over the two TV series. He basically didn't want to talk about it because he said the below and then shifted the conversation back to promoting Formula One, a movie he currently in pre-production on. Long story short, even if a minor miracle happens and the Dark Tower is fast tracked, the earlier it will go before the camera is 2013 as I am betting any condition of financing will be based on Ron Howard directing the first film.
THR: What’s the future of Dark Tower?
Howard: We are continuing to work on the script to find ways to make the budget more manageable and still deliver the work in a way that the project deserves. We were always racing and fast-tracking the project, so I always wince when I see something written about it and there’s a release date in there. These kinds of projects often take years to come together in the right ways. But I am in love with the material, and the minute it can come together in the right way, I am fully committed to it.